About us

A few years back, after a combination of circumstances, including a serious family crisis, I decided to learn a new skill that involved learning how to help others overcome personal and mental health issues. Since this time, my journey has continued to include Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki I and II, and Mindfulness and it still continues today; to me the consciousness, the mind and the human psyche are just too fascinating and complex to ever stop learning and understanding.

On this journey I have realised just how important a guide can be to others, to help us see the inspirational light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is, when we start thinking about a circumstance, an issue, we typically start believing that the issue is exactly as our thinking is telling us. The reality however, is that our experience of a circumstance is solely dependent on our thinking. This is what makes our circumstances appear pleasurable or not, Our Thinking.

As a therapist, I serve as a guide, a guiding light, for others to find their own inner light, their own innate wisdom that can navigate them through life, regardless of what these are. With our wisdom as our guide we instinctively know that things are going to be OK, irrespective of what is happening in the moment; we know things will be OK.

My own journey has been amazing. Ever since I decided to embark on my quest to learn, there has been no looking back. Today my passion is to help others overcome their issues, no matter how overwhelming they seem, through sharing my experience and crafting the perfect blend of therapies to bring about the transformation(s) you seek, swiftly. Clearly this is not a one tool fits all exercise, as every person is unique, but we do know that each of us has the answers in ourselves, and any practitioner simply guides us toward our answers. Every journey begins with one step, and the first step, is to accept there is a problem; contacting me means this step, the most challenging one, is now taken.

At Pharus, we offer a place where every client feels comfortable, safe and secure in the knowledge that full confidentiality is guaranteed. We provide a relaxing atmosphere, to allow you the time and space to benefit the most from our time together.

Soon, you can be living a life free from today’s typical insecurities experienced by many, be it:


Welcome to your life of wellbeing. Welcome to Pharus.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Pharus Therapy - Santa Martha