The Storm

A few years back, I arrived home from a long trip and saw a new sticker in the kitchen diner. This was put there by my wife and daughter and I think now more than ever is really appropriate, it reads:

” Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,it is about learning to dance in the rain”

Now, I don’t know who wrote this hence I can’t credit anyone with this. I just wonder if you agree with me in regards to the relevance of the above expression to what is happening today around the world?

As we all know; at least all beings inhabiting the earth, there is a massive change going on right now, a pandemic which is causing absolute chaos. A microscopic, invisible virus is holding the world to ransom. Not even all advances in bio technology, medicine, or anything else has been able to stop this madness. So yes, there is a storm of all proportions happening. businesses are being affected, the economy is being massively affected, and more importantly we as humans are being affected in ways we have never experienced before. There has been financial meltdowns in history, but perhaps none has affected the way we live our lives, at least not in modern times. Apart from the real possibility of losing our jobs, possibly our homes or even our life( if we were to catch the virus, and experience adverse effects) we are also being isolated, not only socially and physically but also mentally and emotionally.

There is a fear palpable every corner that you turn, every where you observe you can experience the fear we all are going through. Here is where the real storm is happening. There are people alive right now who went through the second world war, and I don’t think even then, the distancing, isolation and loneliness experienced by some human beings right now, happened.

How can we learn to dance in the rain? Should we just wait for the storm to pass?  I believe that this is the perfect time for us to learn to dance in the rain. How to do it, is the responsibility of each individual. We could come out the other side of this storm much better than when we went in. We could become more compassionate, understanding, kind, generous, respectful, charitable, tolerant and best of all fearless.

What I  see as the biggest fear experienced by all is that we can be infected by the virus, become very ill and ultimately die. So the biggest fear is that of death. fear is the opposite of love, so if we begin to implement the opposite of fear in our lives, perhaps drastic changes will start to happen. I am not talking about the love for another person, the kind of romantic love we all fantasise about. I am talking about a love that is simpler, readily available and yet much more powerful. Love for life in all its forms. As a Reiki practitioner I try to live by the principles of Reiki.


Just for today-

I will not anger,

Will not worry,

Will be kind to myself and others,

Will be grateful,

Will work hard and diligently.

Imagine starting the day expecting nothing, knowing in your heart that everything you need, you already have, appreciating everything that is in front of you, and what is to come. Knowing deep inside that everything is going to be OK;that if something happens that appears not to be, you will take the lesson and know that it will be OK anyway.  I challenge anyone to try change their outlook during this pandemic, concentrate on the gifts and blessing that life has given you, disconnect from the negative news, situations and people, just for one day, and see what happens. notice nature, spot the beauty of a plant, a tree, a bird, an animal. Observe the sky whether it’s grey, raining, blue and sunny, cold or hot, observe the beauty in it. By doing this, you are gaining control over your thinking, over your reactions to a world around you that you can’t change, but can adapt to. That my friend is the first step of the dance routine we need, to be able to dance in the rain.

We all need to take precautions, but we can still have a life that is worth living for. Death is the only thing guaranteed in life, and taxes. Whilst we are still alive, lets make sure we honour our responsibility and enjoy life the best way we can. Lets fight these fears with the most powerful weapon we posses LOVE. Lets dance in the rain!!!

Gus ibarra

@pharustherapy #pharustherapy


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  1. Fantastic logical and a positive way of looking at life

    1. It should be very simple, and effective.

  2. Wonderful. “Gratitude is the lubricant to a happy life” ain’t that the truth!

    1. Indeed !!! Simplicity is best.

  3. Love reading your thoughts my friend, I believe there is always something to be grateful for and being ungrateful is definitely the decay of a human being. Hey, I’m a good dancer 💃🏼 🌧

    1. Just likeAntony says above ” gratitude is the lubricant to a happy life”, and my goodness we have enough to be grateful for.

  4. Powerful message and eloquently put. An inspiring message, that’s going to be printed and put on MY fridge. Sometimes my positive outlook does get challenged, and it is meeting with people like you who are able to reframe and induce observation and overall encourage to take the lessons from anything you encounter, and move on. I know that, but reminders are sometimes necessary. It’s incredible, the power of words and the energy transcending these words. Thank you.

    1. Wow!! Thank you Simon. If I can help just one person see life from a positive perspective, from a point of gratitude, then I am very happy. I agree, we all need reminding ourselves, and sometimes that has to be done daily. Good luck, hopefully you can master the dancing in the rain

  5. Great blog, reflecting how many of us are feeling right now. I also love that saying … I’m sure your positive thoughts and energy are what is needed for the service you provide.

    1. 🙏🏼🙏🏼thank you, we all need to get together around the world and ” Dance”.